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Challenge: "Budget data for standard purchases by state agencies is not easily accessible by the public. This creates challenges, especially when citizens would like access to information about how taxpayer dollars are being spent. Currently the requests require multiple personnel to be involved to find the information and then send it to the requesting person or entity."

Challenge Duration: 24 hours of coding time
Challenge Status: Accepted
Challenge Outcome: Project took 1st place in its challenge category
Team: Code Rangers
Team Members:

As a group of Wyoming developers, helping the State of Wyoming find solutions to difficult technical problems, especially ones that enhance government transparency and accountability, is not just a challenge, but a passion.

Google's 24-hour-hack-a-thon, which took place in Denver May 17th and May 18th, 2014, brought together over 180 developers and 28 teams to focus on three government challenges like this one. After 24-hours of Chinese food, Diet Pepsi, Starbucks Latte's and protein bars, this project is the challenge result.

Our goal was to take disparate data sets from the State of Wyoming and other publically available information, combine it in a database, and present the data in a visual way using Google Maps, Google Charts and other widely available technologies. We believe that the end result is a product that is useful for consuming and visualizing a vast amount of data at a high level, while allowing for more detailed drill-down information and context-appropriate downloads where appropriate.

Please take a look, and feel free to use the feedback form at the bottom of the page if you have any great suggestions for improvements.

Thanks to the State of Wyoming, the State of Colorado, Google, the hack-a-thon support staff and all of the developers that made the #GovDevChallenge such a great success!

- Team Code Rangers